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Travelers Joy Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoons should be the most magical and memorable time in your life, other than your wedding day. Your honeymoon is your time to relax and truly enjoy the first days of married life together. No matter what destination you both choose, you will have many memories to reflect on and cherish.

You have spent so much time and effort in planning your wedding day for you and your guests, remember it is equally important to plan the details of the most important trip of your life.

Ask yourself a few questions to get started, such as; Do we both want a romantic, relaxing honeymoon with soft adventure? Do we both want a romantic honeymoon with activities, adventure and nightlife to keep us busy because we consider ourselves active?

After much debate between too many destinations, it is common to feel overwhelmed as you begin searching for that perfect honeymoon location. The brochures you have been looking through seem to begin to look alike. Searching the internet offers an incredible amount of information that can become confusing, time consuming and quite often does not narrow your search, but adds to it. Listening to friends and relatives advice is often a great story to hear, however not necessarily the information you want for your honeymoon. Discuss your honeymoon ideas early, begin your planning with a professional that travels often, knows destinations well and can offer unbiased information based on extensive personal experience.

Remember, this is a trip of a lifetime, consult with an expert to learn first hand about destinations and hotels. This information is priceless and not found elsewhere.

Consider asking yourselves the following questions, this will automatically help narrow your search.

1. Do we prefer to have the convenience of an all-inclusive resort; one package price typically pays for items including: airfare, transfers to the hotel, meals, beverages, water sports activities, taxes and tipping.
If you are considering staying at an all-inclusive resort here are a few points to consider.
What is the tipping policy?
How many restaurants are there?
What cuisine do they offer?
Are the restaurants sit down service or buffets?
Do their restaurants require reservations? Can they be made in advance?
Do they offer private candlelight dinners at romantic locations within the resort?
Is wine served with dinner?
Is there room service available?
What water sports do they offer? Which re included?
Do they have a spa?

2. Do we prefer the idea of a villa that can offer us peace and quiet, quaint and romantic? We will be two of just a handful of guests able to immerse ourselves more in the local area introducing ourselves to the local cuisine.
Do we have a kitchen? a refrigerator?
Do they have more than one restaurant?
Is the food gourmet or standard?
Do they offer private plunge pools off our room?
Are we on the beach or in the mountains over looking the ocean?
What can we expect for food and beverage costs?
Is tipping expected?
Are transfers from the airport included or additional?
Do they have tv’s and phones in the room?
Should we rent a jeep to get around?
What tours are in the area?

Jamaica and St. Lucia are great destinations known for their romantic villas.

For more information on planning your Romantic Escape
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